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free ebook pdf

Love mom book – Free ebook pdf

We can talk about love, and always bring the best messages to comfort our daily lives, because we often just lack words to not only reflect, but to show our feelings to those we really love.


A world without love?

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free ebook pdf

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See this story of Maria do free ebook?


free ebook pdf maryOnce a king asked to choose and summon the most beautiful women in his kingdom to attend his castle. Arriving there, of all the women there were the richest women, the most cocky, and also the most sensible, and among them there was a very humble woman named Maria. O que é plr no marketing digital.

The King asked to deliver to each woman a vase of earth with seeds of the most beautiful roses in his kingdom.


As soon as each woman took her vase, he appeared at her castle window and spoke:

I gave each of you a vase with seeds of the most beautiful roses in my kingdom, and I want you to come back in 6 months with this vase you received, and the woman who has the vase with the most beautiful rose will be my queen. and will sit on my throne.


At that moment, the women ran happily home with their vase in their hands.

The 6 months passed, and there were the women with their vases in their hands, and each one was proud of her rose, saying it was the most beautiful of all.


The richest and most cocky women were the first to show the king how beautiful and fragrant their rose was, and that no rose was more beautiful than those.

It was a while after all the women showed their vase to the King, who was there Maria at the bottom with her vase in her hand and crying a lot, because she couldn’t make her rose grow and her vase was empty and dirty.


From a distance the King saw her, and asked to call her..
Coming close to the king, he asked her:

– What’s your name woman?

  • She replied:
    – Maria
  • – Why are you crying?
  • – Forgive me my king, I cry because I couldn’t make my rose grow and look beautiful like all these roses that your majesty can see in the hands of other women, I failed, forgive me my king…


At that moment the KING climbed up to the highest window in his castle, and in a loud voice he shouted to all the women:

None of you who have your beautiful roses in your vases are worthy to be the queen and sit on the King’s throne.

On the contrary, all of you will serve my next Queen, and her name is the…


MARY !!!


All the women were startled by that news from the king, and soon the most cocky asked:

My king, why did you choose this poor woman, who has an empty vessel in her hands, she is not worthy to receive the crown, this is absurd.


At that moment the King, looking at that woman, said for all to hear:

For all of you I gave vases without seeds, with only soil, and MARIA was the only one who was true and didn’t lie, because it was impossible to grow roses in these vases.

Therefore, today I declare MARY queen of all my kingdom.


Moral of the story:

Maybe you lost opportunities and friends for speaking the truth, and it made you very sad, but I have a message for you…

It doesn’t matter the time, but at the right time you will be honored and honored before everyone, and God will put you in the place of the greatest honor of your life, just believe!!

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