set free childhood

Book Title : Set Free Childhood
Author : Martin Large
Publisher : Hawthorn Press Ltd
Release Date : 2003
Pages : 229
ISBN : 1903458439
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Children watch TV and use computers for five hours daily on average. But electronic media demands conflict with the needs of children. The result? Record levels of learning difficulties, obesity, eating disorders, sleep problems, language delay, aggressive behaviour, anxiety - and children on fast forward. Set Free Childhood shows how to counter screen culture and create a calmer, more enjoyable family life.

Book Title : The Tongue Set Free
Author : Elias Canetti
Publisher :
Release Date : 1999
Pages : 268
ISBN : 1862073031
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

This is the first volume of Elias Canetti's autobiography. It provides a searching portrait of Canetti's personal background and creative development as it presents the events, personalities and intellectual forces that shaped the growth of this artist as a young man during his early years in Bulgaria, Manchester, Zurich and Vienna.

Book Title : Early Childhood Professionals
Author : Marjory Ebbeck
Publisher : Elsevier Australia
Release Date : 2002-06-15
Pages : 256
ISBN : 0864331703
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Clarifies for the first time what contemporary early childhood practitioners and leaders need to know in order to manage early childhood services in a professional way. The text explores leadership concepts in an integrated manner. Authors are from the University of South Australia, & the University of Melbourne.

Book Title : Childhood Temporary Separation
Author : J.S.M. Rusby
Publisher : Universal-Publishers
Release Date : 2008-03
Pages : 288
ISBN : 9781599426570
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

This study investigates possible links between temporary separation from parents in childhood due to evacuation in World War 2 and later psychological development and adult relationships. The conclusions from an earlier qualitative pilot study had suggested that the developmental outcome of evacuation was perceived by those involved as lying on a continuum, at one extreme the experience was 'life-enhancing' and at the other it had left an 'emotional legacy' depending on an individual's experience. This present lifespan survey using self report questionnaires and involving 900 respondents from the county of Kent confirmed these perceptions and examined whether they were reflected by measures of mental health, marital history and adult attachment. The methodology employed univariate and multivariate analyses, including causal structural models of depression for both sexes, and involved both childhood and life-course mediating variables. In terms of mental health highly significant associations were found for the evacuation experience variables of Age at Evacuation and Care Received with the Incidence of Depression, Clinical Anxiety and Factor 2, Self-criticism, of the Depressive Experiences Questionnaire (Blatt et al., 1976), all in the predicted sense. Females were found to be particularly vulnerable to Clinical Anxiety if evacuated at 10-12 years with an incidence of 18%, accompanied by a high level of Self-criticism. Structural path models for the onset of depression confirmed that females not only had higher levels of Factor 1, Dependency, but were more vulnerable to these levels. Divorce rates were also highly associated with these same evacuation variables and multiple divorce rates for both sexes fell from 10%, if evacuated at 4-6 years, to 0% for those evacuated at 13-15 years. Adult attachment style measured by the self-report Relationship Questionnaire (Bartholomew & Horowitz, 1991) was also affected, with a fall in the Fearful style from 25% to 7% with increasing age at evacuation. Overall there was a tendency for male respondents to move to the Dismissive and females to the Fearful styles when secure attachment was lost. It is believed that such a lifespan development study, based on an 'experiment in nature' and involving an ageing cohort, has potential value in influencing future policy in the fields of mental health and social care.

Book Title : Screen Adaptations and the Politics of Childhood
Author : Robyn McCallum
Publisher : Springer
Release Date : 2018-01-16
Pages : 280
ISBN : 9781137395412
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

This book features a cutting edge approach to the study of film adaptations of literature for children and young people, and the narratives about childhood those adaptations enact. Historically, film media has always had a partiality for the adaptation of ‘classic’ literary texts for children. As economic and cultural commodities, McCallum points out how such screen adaptations play a crucial role in the cultural reproduction and transformation of childhood and youth, and indeed are a rich resource for the examination of changing cultural values and ideologies, particularly around contested narratives of childhood. The chapters examine various representations of childhood: as shifting states of innocence and wildness, liminality, marginalisation and invisibility. The book focuses on a range of literary and film genres, from ‘classic’ texts, to experimental, carnivalesque, magical realist, and cross-cultural texts.

Book Title : Foundations of Early Childhood
Author : Penny Mukherji
Publisher : SAGE
Release Date : 2014-01-14
Pages : 432
ISBN : 9781446297605
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

'This text will be an invaluable addition to the reading of students and tutors alike. It has been written thoughtfully for students embarking on university courses that study aspects of early childhood education. The introductory chapters give the reader a sense of the thinking and reflection that is helpful for them at the beginning of their studies and a clear focus on the rights of our youngest children roots the text in a sound pedagogical frame. The later chapters broaden the argument and feel very relevant to the current context in their explorations of the policy and practice of EYFS. I would strongly recommend this text.' -Jo Albin-Clark, Senior Lecturer in Early Years Education, Edge Hill University This book introduces all the most important aspects of early years care and education, and will help you develop the key skills needed to study at degree level. Each chapter introduces major concepts and theories which allow you to explore the foundations of key early childhood issues and apply them in practice. Topics include: Children’s rights The Early Years curriculum How children learn and develop Health and well-being As well as looking at important aspects of study such as: How to search primary sources, such as policy documents and journals How to use your personal experience in studying How to develop critical reading and writing skills With specific learning features designed for different levels of study, this book will be invaluable to students studying at levels 4 and 5 of early childhood degrees and foundation degrees, with features designed to support students as they make the transition to honours level study. Digital resources for extra support! Check out the companion website for additional material including: interactive glossary flashcards journal tasks web links to more handy online resources

Book Title : Set Free
Author : R. James Lown
Publisher : WestBow Press
Release Date : 2013-01
Pages : 222
ISBN : 9781449781712
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

What every believer should know about this beautiful new life. We can be restored from a broken life. We can be personally improved but perfection is not humanly possible. We are called to be healers and workers in faith. Are we healing people with our hands or hurting them? God's most effective signs of His existence are through human beings who allow themselves to be manifested in God. There is a field of harvest waiting to be yielded by believers or will the lost harvest be winnowed like chaff on the threshing floor. Faith needs believers who take action through compassion not hypocrites who masquerade as believers. There are people who are hurting, who need love by encouraging words and helping hands. If we are truly set free as believers those who are in darkness will be drawn to our light and our joy and they will ask us where does our light and joy come from. What will we tell them?

Book Title : Imagining Childhood
Author : Erika Langmuir
Publisher : Yale University Press
Release Date : 2006
Pages : 263
ISBN : 0300101317
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The images of children that abound in Western art do not simply mirror reality; they are imaginative constructs, representing childhood as a special stage of human life, or emblematic of the human condition itself. In a compelling book ranging widely across time, national boundaries, and genres from ancient Egyptian amulets to Picasso’s Guernica, Erika Langmuir demonstrates that no historic period has a monopoly on the 'discovery of childhood’. Famous pictures by great artists, as well as barely known anonymous artefacts, illustrate not only Western society’s perennially ambivalent attitudes to children, but also the many and varied functions that works of art have played throughout its history.

Book Title : Early Childhood Care and Education and Equality of Opportunity
Author : Kaspar Burger
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date : 2013-01-11
Pages : 235
ISBN : 9783658012120
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Early childhood care and education has become a subject of increasing public interest in a great number of countries and among several international organizations and foundations. This book focuses on key issues in early childhood care and education, adding pedagogical, historical, and sociological perspectives to a body of research in education that has neglected important questions to date. The studies presented focus on effects of early childhood care and education on children, on the importance of family background for child development, on the use of institutional services among different families, on the history of such services in France and in the United States of America, and on the way in which children acquire competences both in early childhood care and education institutions and in a family context.​

Book Title : Scenes of Childhood
Author : Sylvia Townsend Warner
Publisher : Faber & Faber
Release Date : 2011-05-19
Pages : 184
ISBN : 9780571279036
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

In the course of her brilliant career Sylvia Townsend Warner wrote superbly in many and diverse forms but never penned a memoir, properly speaking. However, from the 1930s to the 1970s she did contribute a series of short reminiscences to the New Yorker. Scenes of Childhood collects and orders those reminiscences, thus forming a volume that reads as a joyous, wry and moving testament to the experience of being alive. The collection evokes a recognisably English world of nannies, butlers, pet podles, public schools, 'good works' and country churches, but the resonances of these stories are universal - funny and touching by turns.