septimus spider and the fairy dress and septimus spider and the missing magic wand

Septimus Spider And The Fairy Dress And Septimus Spider And The Missing Magic Wand
Author: Vic Woolley
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date: 2010-11-04
Pages: 34
Available Language: English, Spanish, And French

Story 1 Septimus is a shy, lonely spider who is suddenly in a situation where he is needed to help a fairy in trouble. She has been on a message from the Fairy Queen and, whilst being chased by a naughty elf who wants to cut off her hair, tries to hide in a rose bush, but catches her wing on a thorn and tears a large hole which will stop her flying back to Fairyland. Septimus is able to repair the wing with his rainbow coloured gauze. Eventually Sparkle the fairy is able to return to Septimus and take him with her to Fairyland, where he meets the Fairy Queen and is given a home there. Story 2 Oh no! Somebody has stolen the Fairy Queen’s most powerful magic wand! Septimus and Sparkle embark on an exciting adventure to recapture it from the hobgoblins that live in the Dark Wood. Meeting some of the forest creatures who help to defeat them, and bringing the forest back to the peaceful place it once was.