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Book Title : Theatre of the Borderlands
Author : Iani del Rosario Moreno
Publisher : Lexington Books
Release Date : 2015-05-27
Pages : 310
ISBN : 9780739168677
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Theatre of the Borderlands: Conflict, Violence, and Healing is an enlightening and encompassing study that focuses on how dramatists from the Northern Mexico border territories write about theater. The plays analyzed in this study are representative of the most important Northern Border playwrights whose plays’ themes present the US-Mexico Borderlands in a socio-historical and political context. The most important themes observed include topics that engage in discussions of: the indigenous, Border crossings, heroes and folk saints, the city of Tijuana, and violence in the Borderlands, to name a few. These themes have led to the birth of the Teatro del Norte movement, a group of determined playwrights insistent on presenting dramaturgical themes that show the bond between their particular geographies, histories, socio-political and economic situations, thereby giving birth to an original voice and new aesthetic of representation. Dealing with the topics already mentioned, and pairing them with more timely ones like immigration reform, namely, this study can serve as an invaluable resource to many interdisciplinary academic settings, and can grant an eye-opening insight to Border relations through several critical readings.

Book Title : The Distance Between Us
Author : Reyna Grande
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 2012-08-28
Pages : 336
ISBN : 9781451661804
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

“In this poignant memoir about her childhood in Mexico, Reyna Grande skillfully depicts another side of the immigrant experience—the hardships and heartbreaks of the children who are left behind.” —Sonia Nazario, Pulitzer Prize winner, and author of Enrique's Journey Reyna Grande vividly brings to life her tumultuous early years in this “compelling . . . unvarnished, resonant” (BookPage) story of a childhood spent torn between two parents and two countries. As her parents make the dangerous trek across the Mexican border to “El Otro Lado” (The Other Side) in pursuit of the American dream, Reyna and her siblings are forced into the already overburdened household of their stern grandmother. When their mother at last returns, Reyna prepares for her own journey to “El Otro Lado” to live with the man who has haunted her imagination for years, her long-absent father. Funny, heartbreaking, and lyrical, The Distance Between Us poignantly captures the confusion and contradictions of childhood, reminding us that the joys and sorrows we experience are imprinted on the heart forever, calling out to us of those places we first called home. Also available in Spanish as La distancia entre nosotros.

Book Title : Children Living in Transition
Author : Cheryl Zlotnick
Publisher : Columbia University Press
Release Date : 2013-12-31
Pages : 272
ISBN : 9780231160971
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Sharing the daily struggles of children and families residing in transitional situations (homelessness or because of risk of homelessness, being connected with the child welfare system, or being new immigrants in temporary housing), this text recommends strategies for delivering mental health and intensive case-management services that maintain family integrity and stability. Based on work undertaken at the Center for the Vulnerable Child in Oakland, California, which has provided mental health and intensive case management to children and families living in transition for more than two decades, the volume outlines culturally sensitive practices to engage families that feel disrespected or betrayed.

Book Title : The Way of Saint James Journey to America
Author : Eugene Sierras
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
Release Date : 2019-07-15
Pages : 346
ISBN : 9781490796178
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Way of Saint James: Journey to America is the story about a family with origins in Spain and their journey to America, including the United States of America and Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (the United Mexican States). The story focuses on the lives of two men, Mihail Gurevich and Baltazar de la Vega. Their families’ background, history, and the lives they led in Europe under conditions that motivated both men to immigrate to America to seek a better life are told. Both men departed when they were young and overcame several obstacles with a resolve to achieve a life in which they could live in freedom and prosper with hard work and dedication toward family. Both individuals were products of not only their place of birth but also the societies in which they lived. Both left what could have been a life not confronted by danger and the unknown. Both chose to venture forth, accepting whatever challenges and risks life may present to them. Their journeys occurred against the larger history of Europe in which they lived. Their journey is similar to the mystical El Camino de Santiago, the Way of Saint James, which served as a metaphor of their quest.

Book Title : An Arch Rebel Like Myself
Author : Gene C. Armistead
Publisher : McFarland
Release Date : 2018-07-26
Pages : 246
ISBN : 9781476633381
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

 Dan Showalter was Speaker Pro Tem of the California State Assembly at the outbreak of the Civil War and the exemplar of treason in the Far West among the pro–Union press. He gained notoriety as the survivor of California’s last political (and actual, fatal) duel, for his role in the display of a Confederate flag in Sacramento, and for his imprisonment after an armed confrontation with Union troops. Escaping to Texas, he distinguished himself in the Confederate service in naval battles and in pursuit of Comanche raiders. As commander of the 4th Arizona Cavalry, he helped recapture the Rio Grande Valley from the Union and defended Brownsville against a combined Union and Mexican force. Refusing to surrender at war’s end, he fled to Mexico, where he died of a wound sustained in a drunken bar fight at age 35.

Book Title : Plant Spirit Medicine
Author : Eliot Cowan
Publisher : Sounds True
Release Date : 2014-04-01
Pages : 232
ISBN : 9781622031634
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Whether you live in a mountain cabin or a city loft, plant spirits present themselves to us everywhere. Since its first printing in 1995, Plant Spirit Medicine has passed hand-to-hand among countless readers drawn to indigenous spirituality and all things alive and green. In this updated edition, Eliot Cowan invites us to discover the healing power of plants—not merely their physical medicinal properties, but the deeper wisdom and gifts that they offer. Enriched by many new insights, this guide unfolds as a series of chapters on how plant spirit medicine helped Cowan resolve specific challenges in his own healing journey and in his work with others. In the telling, we learn how plant spirits can directly communicate with and aid all of us, including: Plant spirit medicine's five-element view of healing Ways to assess our own states of health and balance Receiving guidance from plants, including those found within herbal preparations New passages on community and sacred plants such as peyote, marijuana, and tobacco Additional interviews with plant shamans across diverse traditions, and more

Book Title : Art of Engagement
Author : Peter Selz
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release Date : 2006-01-09
Pages : 298
ISBN : 9780520240520
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

"The Art of Engagement represents a singular contribution to debates about the politics of art in California and far beyond."—Derrick R. Cartwright, author of Benjamin West: Allegory and Allegiance and co-author of Luis Gispert/Loud Image, and An Interlude in Giverny "This book's combination of California as a subject, especially the social and political components, with the visual arts, makes it of wide interest to both scholars and general readers."—Paul J. Karlstrom, editor of On the Edge of America

Book Title : American Narcissism
Author : Wilber W. Caldwell
Publisher : Algora Publishing
Release Date : 2006
Pages : 181
ISBN : 9780875864693
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Nationalism is unique in America. Our notions of superiority spring from visions of chosen-ness, mission and high destiny, frontier self-sufficiency and the triumph of the immigrant experience. Where is the line between benign patriotism and malignant nationalism, individual liberty and mass tyranny?

Book Title : Acres U S A
Author :
Publisher :
Release Date : 2007
Pages :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924101585507
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French