elon musk epub

Book Title : Elon Musk Young Readers Edition
Author : Ashlee Vance
Publisher : Random House
Release Date : 2017-01-24
Pages : 288
ISBN : 9780753545119
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Elon Musk is an inspirational role model for young entrepreneurs, breaking boundaries and revolutionising the tech-world. He is also the real-life inspiration for the Iron Man series of films, starring Robert Downey Junior. From his humble beginnings in apartheid South Africa, he showed himself to be an exceptionally bright child, and overcame brutal bullying to become the world’s most exciting entrepreneur, founding PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla and Solar City. He has emerged as something of a superhero-like figure for today’s generation of children. He’s not only seen as an entrepreneur in the spirit of a Steve Jobs but as an inventor and bold thinker. He’s the guy offering children the possibility of a brighter, more exciting future and has come to symbolize innovation and optimism.

Book Title : Sizing up Consciousness
Author : Marcello Massimini
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release Date : 2018-05-31
Pages : 215
ISBN : 9780191044106
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Everyone knows what consciousness is: it is what vanishes when we fall into dreamless sleep and reappears when we wake up or when we dream. However, we become less and less confident when we are called to answer fundamental questions about the relationships between consciousness and the physical world. Why is the cerebral cortex associated with consciousness, but not the liver, the heart, the cerebellum or other neural structures? Why does consciousness fade during deep sleep, while cortical neurons remain active? Can unresponsive patients with an island of active cortex surrounded by widespread damage be conscious? Is an artificial system that outperforms people at driving, recognizing faces and objects, and answering difficult questions conscious? Using the Integrated Information Theory (IIT) as a guiding principle, Sizing up Consciousness explores these questions, taking the reader along a fascinating journey from the cerebral cortex to the cerebellum, from wakefulness to sleep, anesthesia, and coma, supercomputers, octopuses, dolphins, and much more besides. By translating theoretical principles into practical measurements, the book outlines a preliminary attempt to identify a general rule to size up the capacity for consciousness within the human skull and beyond. Sizing up Consciousness is a short, accessible book, spanning neuronal activity to existential considerations and is essential reading for anyone interested in awareness and cognition.

Book Title : Ethics Medicine and Information Technology
Author :
Publisher :
Release Date :
Pages :
ISBN : 9781107624733
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Book Title : 50 Business Classics
Author : Tom Butler-Bowdon
Publisher : Hachette UK
Release Date : 2018-04-05
Pages : 320
ISBN : 9781473683914
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

What do great enterprises have in common? What sort of person starts them? A single idea can help you find the next big thing, but it takes time to trawl through hundreds of business books to find inspiration. With insightful commentaries on the landmark writings of old and new, 50 Business Classics presents the great entrepreneur stories, the best management thinking and the proven ideas on strategy, innovation and marketing - in one volume. 50 Business Classics presents the key ideas from classic texts such as My Years with General Motors and Michael Gerber's The E-Myth Revisited to contemporary business lessons from the rise of tech giants like Google, Apple and Amazon. It contains revealing biographies of luminaries like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett, as well as lesser-known stories including creation of publishing giant Penguin and Chinese behemoth Alibaba. Here you'll find the texts and ideas that matter in: · Entrepreneurship · Leadership · Management · Strategy · Business history · Personal development · Technology and innovation Summarising the smartest thinking for today's professional success, 50 Business Classics provides inspiration and insights for entrepreneurs, executives and students of business and management alike.

Book Title : Another Fine Mess
Author : Tim Moore
Publisher : Yellow Jersey Press
Release Date : 2018-11-08
Pages : 368
ISBN : 1787290239
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Tim Moore - indefatigable travelling everyman - switches two wheels for four as he journeys across Trumpland in an original Model T Ford. Lacking any mechanical knowledge or intuition, he sets off to bully a car from East to West armed only with a top speed of 25 mph, a fan belt made of cotton, wooden wheels (again) and a truckload of 'wise-ass Limey liberal gumption'. His route takes him exclusively through Trump-voting counties as he travels the nation meeting the everyday folk who voted red, or rather orange. Along the way he drives through the disintegrating rust belt, Detroit - the spiritual home of the Model T, through the mid-west, cowboy country and finally threading he way through a lonely stretch of Oregon, 'where everyone is either a lumberjack or a prison officer'. And he needs to do it in three months before the wall goes up and he's booted back to Blighty. With his trademark blend of humour, perceptive insight and peril, Tim Moore gives us a unique vantage point into Trump's America.

Book Title : Anna Karenina 1
Author : Leo Tolstoi
Publisher : Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia
Release Date : 2016-11-21
Pages : 672
ISBN : 9786024240233
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

“Keluarga bahagia mirip satu dengan lainnya, keluarga tak bahagia tidak bahagia dengan jalannya sendiri-sendiri.” Novel Anna Karenina adalah kisah tentang tiga keluarga, salah satunya keluarga Karenin. Anna, istri Karenin, menyeleweng dengan seorang opsir muda yang mengaguminya, Aleksei Vronskii, dan akhirnya memutuskan tali perkawinan. Bagi Anna, penyelewengan itu merupakan petaka yang tak dapat ditolak dengan segudang alasan. Salah satunya, di mata Anna, Karenin hanyalah sepotong boneka tanpa jiwa dan harga diri meskipun dia seorang pejabat tinggi. “Dia itu bukan laki-laki, bukan manusia, tapi boneka!... Dia itu bukan manusia, tapi mesin kementerian,” kata Anna tentang suaminya.