dreamland 2

Book Title : Dragon Emperor
Author : Ge WuWeiYang
Publisher : Funstory
Release Date : 2019-10-14
Pages :
ISBN : 9781646776634
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

He was the eldest young master of a city, but he was persecuted by his own uncle. He had no choice but to roam ManGu and obtain the Dragon Soul by accident!He cultivated a top-notch divine art on the way to escape. He refined his strongest physique and went against the heavens as he embarked on the path of revenge.You didn't look down on me then, but now you will look up to me.Revenge for his parents!The Ancient Elves and Ancient Desolation Goddess had all fallen in love with him, so he wouldn't let them down.

Book Title : Looking for Dreamland
Author : Robert Benedetti
Publisher : Lulu.com
Release Date : 2008-01
Pages : 132
ISBN : 9780615165288
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

"When oral historian Emma Williams returns to Tulsa to care for her dying grandmother, she takes a job teaching high school social studies. She and her students find themselves caught up in a quest to uncover the long-buried secret of the greatest race riot in American history, the 1921 attack on Greenwood, a black town so prosperous it was called the Black Wall Street. In the process, Emma finds herself under attack and discovers a dark family secret"--Cover, p. [4].

Book Title : Hannah and Hanna in Dreamland
Author : John Retallack
Publisher : Oberon Books
Release Date : 2018-11-17
Pages : 128
ISBN : 9781786826428
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

A story of friendship, migration and karaoke... Summer 1999. Margate’s beaches are packed with day-trippers.... and its hotels filled with Kosovan asylum seekers – including Hanna (Celia Meiras), a survivor of Europe’s most recent genocide. Hannah (Lisa Payne) is from Margate and bored with life in the rundown seaside town - hanging out with her boyfriend Bull and his prejudiced mates. The only things the two sixteen-year-olds have in common are their names and their love of singing along to their favourite pop songs... Sixteen years later, Hanna returns to Margate - this time in search of a Syrian girl she befriended in Kosovo and who may have succeeded in getting across the Channel. The Calais ‘Jungle’ is close and attempts by its residents to reach England fill the local media. Hanna hopes her young friend will be welcome in Margate, but although the town has changed, alongside the coffee bars and vintage shops, there is still an undercurrent of hostility towards the migrants and refugees who are so desperate to enter the UK. Just as in 1999, when Hanna’s arrival turned Hannah’s life upside down, so her return takes the friends on a journey which Hannah from Margate would not have thought possible. Hannah and Hanna in Dreamland builds on John Retallack’s award-winning earlier play, Hannah and Hanna, which has been performed extensively both nationally and internationally.

Book Title : Dale Brown s Dreamland Satan s Tail
Author : Dale Brown
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release Date : 2009-10-13
Pages : 528
ISBN : 9780061804809
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The beast isalive and prowling the high seas. As extremist Islamic pirates, armed and supported by a powerful Saudi terrorist, prey on civilian vessels in the Gulf of Aden, America aggressively answers with serious muscle -- a next-generation littoral warship with a full range of automated weapons systems that the enemy has dubbed "Satan's Tail." However, unforeseen technological problems combined with the suicidal tendencies of a fanatical foe mean support is needed from above -- and a pair of Dreamland's awesome Megafortresses and their Flighthawk escorts are dispatched to the war zone.But bitter professional rivalries threaten to damage, perhaps even destroy,the mission, as a vengeful opponent takes advantage of the disruption -- to strengthen his outlaw navy and set its sights horrifically high -- raising the stakes in a battle the U.S. and the world simply cannot afford to lose.

Book Title : Webster s New World Dictionary
Author : Michael Agnes
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 2003-07
Pages : 768
ISBN : 9780743470704
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Provides definitions, pronunciation, etymology, and notes on usage for more than sixty thousand words, including technical terms.

Book Title : Country Music Records
Author : Tony Russell
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release Date : 2004-10-07
Pages : 1200
ISBN : 9780199881543
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

More than twenty years in the making, Country Music Records documents all country music recording sessions from 1921 through 1942. With primary research based on files and session logs from record companies, interviews with surviving musicians, as well as the 200,000 recordings archived at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's Frist Library and Archives, this notable work is the first compendium to accurately report the key details behind all the recording sessions of country music during the pre-World War II era. This discography documents--in alphabetical order by artist--every commercial country music recording, including unreleased sides, and indicates, as completely as possible, the musicians playing at every session, as well as instrumentation. This massive undertaking encompasses 2,500 artists, 5,000 session musicians, and 10,000 songs. Summary histories of each key record company are also provided, along with a bibliography. The discography includes indexes to all song titles and musicians listed.

Book Title : Opening The X Files
Author : Darren Mooney
Publisher : McFarland
Release Date : 2017-08-23
Pages : 236
ISBN : 9781476628806
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

More than 20 years after it was first broadcast, The X-Files still holds the public imagination. Over nine seasons and two feature films, agents Mulder and Scully pursued monsters, aliens, mutants and shadowy conspirators across the American landscape. Running for more than 200 episodes, the series transformed television, crafting a postmodern mythology that spoke to the anxieties and uncertainties of the end of the 20th century. Covering the entire series from its debut through the second feature film, this book examines how creator Chris Carter and his team of writers turned a scrappy cult favorite on Fox into a global phenomenon.

Book Title : The Realms of Atlantasia
Author : John Holland
Publisher : iUniverse
Release Date : 2011-10
Pages : 544
ISBN : 9781462058563
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Here is a complete tome! Within these pages is all you will need to run a successful campaign on a brand new world! In here you will meet beings you have never met anywhere else; a new concept of magic-using (8 different Schools of Magic/8 different Temples of Worship), each of which have their own spells; and the most realistic fantasy-based R.P.G. on the market! There will be some constants you have met before (i.e.: goblins, trolls, ogres, etc.), however, even these have a new slant on them! And as stated, the most realistic fantasy-based game around (if you do not get your armor and weapons repaired, you could lose them in the middle of battle; if you do not care for your horse, you could lose it as your horse has Life Points as well). So have fun with this brand new world and the many new being you will meet during your adventures!

Book Title : The Rough Guide to South America On A Budget
Author :
Publisher : Rough Guides UK
Release Date : 2012-08-02
Pages : 1024
ISBN : 9781405392112
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Rough Guide to South America on a Budget is the definitive guide to making the most of this exotic region without breaking the bank. Backpackers, career-breakers, gap year travellers and those who want more bang for their buck, will find in-depth budget information for all twelve South American countries and every aspect of travel. From hotels, hostels and restaurants to special events, festivals and adrenalin-pumping outdoor activities, this guide is packed with the best budget information. You'll find "Treat Yourself" boxes that feature great places and things worth splashing out on and also a full-colour introduction with highlights for every country. There are reviews and recommendations for night-life, shopping, markets and entertainment, as well as useful words and phrases in every language and detailed maps for hundreds of locations.

Book Title : Dreamland
Author : Phil Patton
Publisher : Villard
Release Date : 2012-10-31
Pages : 360
ISBN : 9780307828606
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

There is a place in the Nevada desert the size of Belgium that doesn't officially exist. It is the airbase where test flights of our top-secret experimental military aircraft are conducted and --not coincidentally--where the conspiracy theorists insist the Pentagon is hiding UFOs and aliens. This is Dreamland--or Area 51. For Phil Patton, the idea of writing a travel account of a place he couldn't actually visit was irresistible. What he found was a world where Chick Yeager and the secret planes of the Cold War converged with the Nevada Test Site and alien landings at Roswell. A think tank for aviation engineering, Dreamland can be seen from a summit outside the base's perimeter, a hundred miles north of Las Vegas. On Freedom Ridge, groups of airplane buffs gather with their camouflage outfits and binoculars. These are the Stealth chasers, the Skunkers, guys with code names like Agent X and Zero, hoping for a glimpse of the rumored raylike shapes of planes like Black Manta and "the mother ship." The most mysterious craft is Aurora, the successor to the legendary U-2, said to run on methane and fly as fast as Mach 6. Scanning the same horizon, the UFO buffs are looking for the hovering lights and doughnut-shaped contrails of alien aircraft. Are they looking at something sinister and mysterious? Imagined? Or more terrestrial than they think? Dreamland shows how much we need mystery in the information age, and how the cultures of nuclear power and airpower merge with the folklores of extraterrestrials and earthly conspiracies. Patton found people who found themselves in the mysteries of the place. John Lear, the son of aviation pioneer Bill Lear--who gave his name to the jet--served as a pilot for the CIA's Air America, but back home, he became fascinated by UFOs and eventually believed in it all: the underground bases, the alien-human hybrids, the secret treaties. But was he a true believer, or part of a disinformation campaign? Bob Lazar seems to know when the saucers will come, and has made three clear sightings at night along Dreamland's perimeter, but is his story real, or a vision of what's possible? Dreamland is an exploration of America's most secret place: the base for our experimental airplanes, the fount of UFO rumors, an offshoot of the Nevada Test Site. How this "blackspot" came to exist--its history, its creators, its spies and counterspies--is Phil Patton's tale. He tunnels into the subcultures of the conspiracy buffs, the true believers, and the aeronautic geniuses, creating a novelistic tour de force destined to make us all rethink our convictions about American know-how--and alien inventiveness.