2012 is this the end

Book Title : 2012 and the End of the World
Author : Matthew Restall
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Release Date : 2011-01-16
Pages : 160
ISBN : 9781442206113
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Did the Maya really predict that the world would end in December of 2012? If not, how and why has 2012 millenarianism gained such popular appeal? In this deeply knowledgeable book, two leading historians of the Maya answer these questions in a succinct, readable, and accessible style. Matthew Restall and Amara Solari introduce, explain, and ultimately demystify the 2012 phenomenon. They begin by briefly examining the evidence for the prediction of the world's end in ancient Maya texts and images, analyzing precisely what Maya priests did and did not prophesize. The authors then convincingly show how 2012 millenarianism has roots far in time and place from Maya cultural traditions, but in those of medieval and Early Modern Western Europe. Revelatory any myth-busting, while remaining firmly grounded in historical fact, this fascinating book will be essential reading as the countdown to December 21, 2012, begins.

Book Title : 2012 the Bible and the End of the World
Author : Mark Hitchcock
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Release Date : 2009-10-01
Pages : 192
ISBN : 9780736935371
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Examines the evidence that points to a December 21, 2012 destruction of the earth as described by the ancient Mayans, and points out what the Bible says about the coming apocalypse.

Book Title : Will the World End in 2012
Author : Raymond Hundley
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
Release Date : 2010-04-19
Pages : 208
ISBN : 9781418556358
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Will life on earth really come crashing to a halt on December 21, 2012? Will solar storms trigger devastating earthquakes and volcanoes that obliterate humankind? Will a large-scale science experiment go awry, destroying our civilization? Is Earth on a collision course with an obscure planet? Will any of these events herald the end of the world? Dr. Raymond C. Hundley analyzes the predictions of the ten most prominent apocalyptic theories in the 2012 doomsday movement. He investigates the claims of scientists, theologians, mathematicians, technologists, and ancient prophets along with the credibility and probability of each theory. The 2012 predictions of the Mayan calendar are considered alongside the parallel calculations of 16th century astrologer Nostradamus. Dr. Hundley takes a close look at the speculation originating everywhere, from evangelical Christianity to secular academia. Will the World End in 2012? Dr. Hundley’s conclusion may be what you least expect. He challenges Christians to respond to these predictions not with fear, but with hope and joy. For believers and nonbelievers alike, Hundley’s logical evaluation of Earth’s potential demise provides a fascinating road map of where our civilization could be heading and how we can prepare our hearts and minds for what lies ahead.

Book Title : 2012 The End
Author : Drac Von Stoller
Publisher : Drac Von Stoller
Release Date : 2011-11-25
Pages : 9
ISBN : 9781465871251
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

During the 1920’s, a young doctor by the name of Dr. Masterson went on a secret expedition with two of his closest colleagues and stumbled upon a second Mayan calendar that was covered in human blood in the Palenque ruins near the Usumacinta River in the Mexican state of Chiapas. Dr. Masterson couldn't believe what he had just discovered, but that wasn't all he found in the ruins. Before, Dr. Masterson had a chance to call out to one of his colleagues and show him what he had just found, his torch blew out. Then the inside of the pyramid illuminated so bright the doctor covered his eyes with his hands. Then a voice came out of nowhere telling the doctor if he told anyone of his findings he would be vaporized into thin air. The doctor started laughing hysterically, thinking one of his colleagues was playing a joke on him. But Dr. Masterson was about to find out this was no joke at all.

Book Title : About 2012 The End of the World
Author : Nicolae Sfetcu
Publisher : Nicolae Sfetcu
Release Date : 2014-04-30
Pages :
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The 2012 phenomenon comprises a range of eschatological beliefs that cataclysmic or transformative events would had to occur on December 21, 2012. This date is regarded as the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Various astronomical alignments and numerological formulae related to this date have been proposed. A New Age interpretation of this transition postulates that this date marks the start of time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that 2012 may mark the beginning of a new era. Others suggest that the 2012 date marks the end of the world or a similar catastrophe. Scenarios suggested for the end of the world include the arrival of the next solar maximum, or Earth's collision with a black hole or a passing asteroid or planet called "Nibiru".

Book Title : 2012 Maya End Date
Author : Edward Dayne Curry
Publisher : edward curry
Release Date : 2009-09
Pages : 370
ISBN : 9780981468426
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Fascinating and Mystical history of the future of the amazing Maya, regarding the so-called Maya End Date of December 21, 2012. Many believe this date heralds the end of humanity. Maybe, maybe not. Ideas, suspense and love abound in this exotic Maya setting. Discover how Precession and 2012 may affect you in ways you would never expect and increase your zest for life.

Book Title : 2012 and the End of Institutional Evil
Author : Herbert R. Stollorz
Publisher : Faith in Future Foundation
Release Date : 2008-09-17
Pages : 210
ISBN : 9781419674013
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

2012 and the End of Institutional Evil is an edited digest of Herbert R. Stollorz' two books, Apocalypse Prophesied and Mystery of Tammuz 17. Its 209 pages provide the core discoveries and reasoning found in the 1,000+ pages of those two books. A projected calendar of events describes the key players in the biblical Last Days: Satan, Antichrist, and the Mahdi. The books use science and mathematics to uncover extraordinary information in the Bible that theologians routinely miss. This unique approach presents a revolutionary new way of looking at the universe. The first book focused on God's Plan for Humanity from before time into eternity. The second book detailed Herbert R. Stollorz' research methodology and thinking in an expanded discussion of the Last Days and the book of Revelation. His third book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, presents a hypothesis that explains why confirmation to the dating of key events in Bible prophecy may be found in the calendars and clocks of ancient cultures located around the world. It also explains other ancient mysteries by resolving apparent discrepancies between science and the Bible.

Book Title : End of Daze 2012
Author : Ron "Kwiet Storm" Smith
Publisher : iUniverse
Release Date : 2010-07-29
Pages : 212
ISBN : 1450238246
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The year is 2012 when Solar, the bringer of light, addresses the world again at the second annual End of Daze conference. The mission of the conference is to prepare the masses for the transitioning of the December 21, 2012 shift in consciousness, also known as the Great Mayan Prophecy. The prophecy stems from a galactic alignment that occurs once every 26,000 years. During the time of the conference, Solar and his best friend, Robyn, are stalked by several shape shifting feline hybrids. The lead hybrid has a plan to steal Solar’s light before the deadline of December 21st. A mysterious shaman “hypnotist” helps Solar fight off the hybrids and reveals a civilization in Hollow Earth that may hold the key to mankind’s survival.

Book Title : Beyond the End of the World 2012 and apocalypse
Author : Will Black
Publisher : Lulu.com
Release Date : 2010-10
Pages : 224
ISBN : 9781446639696
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

This book cuts through rampant misinformation circulating about 2012 to present a coherent understanding of the Mayan calendar and the significance of the date. As an anthropologist and journalist, Will Black has conducted research into 2012 millenarianism for several years. He consequently offers a much broader and clearer picture than other books on the subject. In their haste to jump onto the 2012 bandwagon, most authors seem to have forgotten that the Maya are a real people, often living in as violently precarious circumstances as their ancestors. Will Black demolishes fantasies about crumbling calendar stones before examining the brutal cocaine wars blighting Central America. The hedonistic world of many westerners who have become interested in 2012 is contrasted sharply with the lives of ancient and modern Maya. The extraordinary world of shamans is contrasted with that of New Age seekers. Information about key visionary substances is offered.

Book Title : 2012 Wake Up The End is Near
Author : Gayle Schilz
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Release Date : 2011-11-11
Pages : 108
ISBN : 9781463418885
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

This book is based on the author's knowledge and experiences. What she had with God in herself and others. It is about changing your life.As you can heal yourself through prayers and having a positive attitude and to laugh more to show the world you can do it for yourself. You are the one that count. "heal yourself with forgiveness, see people with the spiritual eye not the physical eye". Dont role yourself at anyones level as you reflect your friends and they reflect you. if you cant change your lifef, you will take it with you.stay on a spiritual path four keys and love into yourself. Win the grace of your mind,keep it calm and serene.Have more grace than space.Fill yourself with peace and love.If you have a strenght within you, nurture your creativity into expression. Know you outfield with inspiration,and can express it best in creative ways. Dont worship your problem. Having a fix mind you will always have problem.Wrap your problem in a bundle and give them to God. Fill yourself with good, gratitude,joy feels warmth and good thought. There is no space left for anger and fear,criticism,or illnesses.Know the truth,and the truth will set you free.