Reconstruction And The Home EBOOK SYNOPSIS:

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Investigation Of Allegations Related To Improper Conduct Involving Members And Current Or Former House Pages EBOOK SYNOPSIS:

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This Old House  Ask Norm EBOOK SYNOPSIS:

Presents questions and answers about home repair and maintenance that were found in "This Old House magazine." Continue Reading

Hinds  Precedents Of The House Of Representatives Of The United States EBOOK SYNOPSIS:

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Terror As A Bargaining Instrument EBOOK SYNOPSIS:

Some aspects of violent behavior are linked to economic incentives. In India, domestic violence is used as a bargaining instrument, to extract larger dowries from a wife's family after the marriage has taken place. Continue Reading

Dream Log Homes And Plans EBOOK SYNOPSIS:

Featuring more than thirty pages of log home plans and designs, a valuable guide to buying, designing, and building a log house is accompanied by outstanding examples of log homes and their innovative kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and gathering spaces, as well as maintenance tips and advice, ideas for furnishing and decorating, and listings of manufacturers and industry associations. Original. Continue Reading

The Big World And The Little House     Pictures By Marc Simont EBOOK SYNOPSIS:

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The Hidden House EBOOK SYNOPSIS:

With the owner gone, three dolls watch as their house becomes hidden by growing plants and trees until a man walks by and discovers the residence. Continue Reading

The Repair And Maintenance Of Houses EBOOK SYNOPSIS:

Hailed as a splendid book - a "must" for any office - when first published and subsequently commended by the Department of the Environment and English Heritage, the new edition of this standard work retains the principles put forward previously but updates the detail to take account of changes in techniques, current Building Regulations and statutes, British Standards and the legislation introduced in 1966. It covers all aspects of the structure and services to enable the correct diagnosis of defects to be made in both old and modern houses, offers practical, environmentally conscious advice in a very readable style, is well indexed and contains many useful structural diagrams. Continue Reading

Burnette Studio Residence EBOOK SYNOPSIS:

The highly collectable volumes in this series each focus on a single important contemporary building selected for its unique character, innovative design, or technical genius. Buildings of various types and sizes are included, from small residences to expansive museums, detailing the evolution of the design and the construction process from initial concept to finished building. Featured are photographs, sketches, drawings, and details alongside an essay by the architect on the design process and an essay by a well-known architectural critic on the project's design significance. The studio residence of Wendell Burnette Architects is designed to be like an oasis in the Arizona desert, with an interior garden in the entryway full of light, shade, and water. Wendell Burnette's travels in Europe and Mexico are evident in the international, timeless style found in his architecture. The building is the physical embodiment of the firm's philosophy, which is the desire to create spaces that engage people. Wendell Burnette delivers architecture that is both uniquely appropriate and timelessly valuable to the client and the user. Wendell Burnette Architects is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Continue Reading